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CPL Courses in Michigan

All Pistol Tactics, Inc. classes begin at our Classroom Location:  10051 Bergin Road, Howell, MI  48843.

Unless otherwise stated in the syllabus for the class being taken.

Home Firearm Safety

For beginners that are simply very interested in knowing about firearms, but not actually shooting them. “stress fire” and how to compensate for the lack of fine motor skills under duress. You can either take the course at our facility, or we can conduct it in the privacy of your own home. Great for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, schools, and large groups.

Certified Instructors will teach the course. The program is designed to teach adults and children the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe and proper handling of firearms. Even if a family does not own a firearm, a neighbor may. Everyone should be educated on firearm awareness.



Basic Pistol

NRA Basic pistol certification is one of the prerequisites to you obtaining a CCW / CPL permit. The most basic handgun course, this class offers the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship for sport, self defense, personal protection, tactical course’s available, or purely pleasure. You may have fired a handgun before, but you will learn so much more important information and skills in this course. Our job is to show you the SAFE way to handle a firearm. These skills could save your life.

This course is for people who:

a) Have recently purchased a pistol, or are thinking about doing so,

b) Have a pistol, but have never really used it enough to be confident with it,


c) Just want to learn the correct technique for safe shooting.

Personal Protection in the Home (Michigan CPL Requirement)

“To develop in the students the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self defense.”

NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course, a one day course eight hours in length with live fire range sessions. NRA Basic Personal Protection course participants must have the basic skills of safe gun handling, shooting a group, zeroing the firearm and cleaning the firearm. The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course or prior documented experience is a prerequisite for the NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course. Course subjects include: introduction to defensive shooting, basic defensive handgun skills, firearms and the law, the use of deadly force, strategies for home safety, responding to a violent confrontation, selecting a handgun for self-defense and other topics.

This one day course has an extensive range shooting session. The range session introduces basic defensive handgun skills and also builds confidence and reinforces skills learned during the NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course.

The NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course exposes students to several schools of thought regarding defensive shooting techniques. Course is designed to avoid giving students too much information too fast, or giving them too many choices, the course is not confined to one rigid or dogmatic system. Upon completion students will receive a certificate of completion (needed for your CPL license).

Defensive Hand gunning: Pistol Tactics Inc. style!

Not often considered to be the preferred defensive weapon system; handguns, can be the best and often the only weapon system available at the time the threat presents itself to the operator.  All things considered; if we as operators, knew we were about to enter a combative situation; not only would our weapon system be different, we’d most likely redirect and avoid the fight.  We don’t market our classes as ‘tactical’ classes; moreover, we created a building block of classes designed to build upon skills learned in the previous courses.  No elitist attitudes or ego’s are present in our classes.

Defensive Hand gunning: A Primer

This course addresses methods, techniques and skills for carrying a handgun concealed and addresses the engagement of threats in everyday events.  All methods, techniques and skills addressed in our Defensive Handgun courses are presented from a concealed carry prospective, unless otherwise noted or requested.
Nominal 500 rounds of ammunition.        



Defensive Shotgun:  A Primer

Defensive Shotgun: Advanced Operations


Intro to the AR Class Weapons System

Advanced Operations

FIRST AID / Ditch Medicine Classes

Self Applied First Aid

Basic First Aid