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CPL Courses in Michigan

Welcome to Pistol Tactics, Inc.

Pistol Tactics, Inc. (PTI) was formed in 2005 with the belief that defensive handgun skills are something that all law abiding citizens of the State of Michigan should be able to learn if they desire, without having to travel out-of-state.   With an open mind and a strong will to instruct; Pistol Tactics, Inc. was formed.  Offering instruction for your Michigan CPL, Defensive Tactics, multiple First Aid Classes and a Taser Dealer, we at PTI can assist you with your self defense needs.

PTI continues to evolve and expand our training mantra, keep in mind that our instructors are established professionals in their fields. Brought to the table is years of cumulative law enforcement experience in firearms instruction, military background in firearms instruction and civilian certifications for Michigan CPL classes, Defensive Tactics, First Aid Classes and Taser.  Newest additions to the cadre are Advanced Rifle and Shotgun Instruction and a Precision Rifle Curriculum that is being created.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website, if you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Semi-Automatic pistols are the standard in today’s society.  From the Military, Law Enforcement and Citizens.  We provide you with the necessary training to carry, deploy and reload a semi-automatic pistol!  From day light, to low light and even no light, Let Pistol Tactics, Inc. show you!


Would you like to carry a revolver?  We can help with that!  Dedicated revolver classes:  We can provide you with the necessary training to carry, deploy, shoot and reload a wheel gun!  Let Pistol Tactics, Inc. show you how!

With over 70 years of combined Law Enforcement experience, Military Experience and Medical Services Experience; Pistol Tactics, Inc. has the skills to provide you with necessary training to protect yourself and your family.  Let us show you how!